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Working Group Sessions

On the Monday afternoon, there will be a Young Water Professional session as well as the meetings from the main working groups that are formed under the JCUD (Joint Committee Urban Drainage). All the sessions are open to participants interested in joining, working with or getting involved in other ways the various working groups. Below, an overview of the working groups is given. Registration for any of the sessions is not necessary.

YWP Session – Conveners: Baiqian Shi (Monash University), Pierre Lechevallier (Eawag), Kelsey Smyth (ENPC), Vincent Pons (NTNU) and Job van der Werf (TU Delft)
Senate Room / Senaatzaal
Part of longer project, the YWP session aims at forming a network of young water professionals (<35 or recently obtained PhD) in the urban drainage field. The aim of the session is to have a discussion on the future of urban drainage academia, which is part of an ongoing project aiming at co-writing a position paper from a YWP perspective.

International Working Group on Data and Models – Convener Joao Leitao (Eawag)
Commissiezaal 3 – Committee Room 3
The IWGDM, responsible for the organisation of the Urban Drainage Modelling conference, will meet to discuss the workings group future plans and continued contribution to the urban drainage field.

WSUD/SOCOMA – Convener Peter Bach (OST)
Commissiezaal 2 – Committee Room 2
The Water Sensitive Urban Design and Storm Control Management working group aims to revive itself during this ICUD. Meet with likeminded individuals who are interested in picking up where the WSUD and SoCoMa groups have left off.

Working Group Large Research Infrastructures – Convener Jose Anta Alvarez (University of Coruna)
Collegezaal A / Lecture Room A
The newly approved working group, on large research infrastructure, will have its first official meeting at this ICUD. A continuation from the well-known Co-UD Labs project, the WGLRI will discuss its vision for the coming years and hopes to establish a solid base with new participants.

Urban Streams – Convener: Haifeng Jia (Tsinghua University)
Commissiekamer 4 / Committee Room 4
The urban streams working group will meet at ICUD in order to discuss their future plans and projects. All participants are welcome to join and discuss their points of view.

International Group on Urban Rainfall – Conveners: Thomas Einfalt (Hydro & Meteo GmbH) and Daniel Schertzer (ENPC).
Frans van Hasseltzaal / Frans van Hasseltroom
IGUR, one of the oldest and most active working groups, will meet during this ICUD to discuss the plans for the coming years. Timing and topics of future meetings, including the ongoing IGUR publication project with the working title Rainfall-related Consequences of Climate Change on Applications for the Urban Populations.

International Working Group on Emerging Contaminants – Convener Lena Mutzner (Eawag) and Kefeng Zhang (University of New South Wales)
Collegezaal D / Lecture Room D
The recently established working group on Emerging Contaminants will hold its first meeting at this ICUD. The aim of the meeting is to establish a network of researchers that are interested in the field of emerging contaminants in the urban drainage field. The aim is to set the agenda for the coming years, discuss aims, and future projects.

16th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2024

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