During the ICUD three awards are given out to researchers who have excelled.

The Poul Harremoës Award for the Best Urban Drainage Paper by a Young Author
This award is given for the presentation of novel research and ideas relating to developments in urban drainage. Vision and innovation were the hallmarks of Professor Poul Harremoës’ (1934-2003) career and his contributions to advancing knowledge in environmental sciences and engineering are unsurpassed. In recognition of his outstanding and unique contributions, the Joint Committee Urban Drainage, in cooperation with the International Water Association (IWA), has established a triennial competition for the best paper written by a young author to be held in conjunction with the ICUD. Baiqian Shi from Monash University won the last edition of the Poul Harremoës award. For more information on awardees and published PHA papers see here.

Mid-Career Achievement and Career Achievement Award
The ‘Mid-Career Achievement’ is awarded to a person who is part way through their career and shows important leadership in the field of urban drainage. The ‘Career Achievement Award’ is awarded to a senior member of the urban drainage community. The same basic criteria are used for both awards. The key criterion is that the candidate’s contribution in the urban drainage field is internationally recognised and may result from any of:

  1. Important and influential research findings
  2. Innovative and formative practice in the field
  3. Education/Dissemination through publication of widely used books and reports/guidelines
  4. Sustained contribution to the discipline through activities such as conference organisation, reviewing and working group leadership
  5. Any combination of the above.

Both the Mid-Career and Career Achievement awards are awarded on behalve and by the JCUD.

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