Urban Hydrologic Processes
Urban rainfall; Evapotranspiration, infiltration, runoff formation and transport; Climate change; Sources, accumulation, wash off and transport of pollutants; Special conditions in hot and cold climates.

Transport and Sewer Processes
Hydraulics of urban drainage networks and structures; Sewer infiltration and exfiltration; Sediment characteristics and transport; Pollutants transport and transformation; Combined sewer overflows.

Drainage Impacts
Urban floods, flood risk and damage; Receiving environment impacts; Priority substances; Aquatic habitat issues.

Impacts Mitigation
Storm water source control and BMPs; LID, SUDS and WSUD; Rainwater and greywater harvesting and reuse; Advanced storm water and CSO treatment; Urban stream restoration; Urban drainage retrofits; Urban drainage technologies for developing countries; Urban drainage technologies for countries with hot and cold climate.

Tools, Techniques and Analyses
Data availability, reliability and uncertainty; Instrumentation, measurement and monitoring; Modelling of integrated urban water systems; Forecasting and Real time control; Model and parameter identification, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; Artificial intelligence based methods in urban drainage systems; Decision support systems.

Water Management and Society
Urban drainage and urban planning; Integrated urban water management; Socio-economic interactions, public participation and stakeholder´s involvement; Institutional arrangements and policies; Benchmarking, performance indicators and asset management; Global change adaptation; Urban drainage in developing countries; Education, training and technology transfer.

16th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2024


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