Urban Hydrologic Processes
Urban rainfall, radar precipitation measurement; evapotranspiration, infiltration, runoff formation and transport; climate change impacts, projections and evolution of the extremes; sources, accumulation, wash off and transport of pollutants, drought, snow (melt).

Water quality (processes) in urban drainage
Pollutants transport and transformation; contaminants of emerging concern; sediment characteristics and transport; sewer infiltration and exfiltration; combined sewer overflows, storm sewer outfalls, illicit connections, FOG deposits, wastewater based epidemiology; hydraulics of urban drainage networks and structures.

Urban flooding and receiving water impacts
Urban floods, flood risk and damage; receiving water / environment impacts; priority substances; aquatic habitat issues; biodiversity.

Sustainability and climate change adaptation
Storm water source control and BMPs; LID, SUDS, WSUD, sponge cities, nature based solutions and blue-green infrastructures; rainwater and greywater harvesting and reuse; advanced storm water and CSO treatment; urban stream restoration; urban drainage retrofits; urban drainage technologies for regions with hot and cold climates.

Data, Tools, Techniques and Analyses
Open data, digital transformation, data availability, reliability and uncertainty; instrumentation, measurement and monitoring; modelling of integrated urban water systems; forecasting and real time control; model and parameter identification, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; Artificial Intelligence / machine learning in urban drainage systems; asset management, inspection techniques.

Water Management and Society
Urban drainage and urban planning; Integrated urban water management; socio-economic interactions, public participation and stakeholder´s involvement; institutional arrangements and policies; benchmarking, performance indicators and asset management; global change adaptation; education, training and technology transfer, stakeholder perception, social sciences and urban drainage, innovative case studies.

16th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2024

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